Best WordPress Themes Battle: Monstroid vs. Divi

Best WordPress Themes Battle: Monstroid vs. Divi

Have you ever noticed how quickly the world around changes? New things and technologies are introduced to us every single day. One trend gives its place to the other. Gadgets and appliances around are constantly improved and become more sophisticated and smart.

Everything is done to make the life of people easier and free from cares. Especially it relates to web development field. With the introduction of the internet to the masses the life took a totally different turn. Little by little it started to rule the world and subject everyone to its own regulations. That’s why progress in this area is so important. As most businesses have moved online, tough competition doesn’t let relax. To get to the top of this race you need something more than just a good website template for your online representation.

If you analyze template market closely, you will find out that lately all big template providers launched on the market brand new powerful products. Having lots of features in common they just confirm the fact of their necessity. Today we want to introduce you two powerful your WordPress themes from time-proven template providers: Monstroid from TemplateMonster and Divi from ElegantThemes.


The history of Divi started back in December 2013, when ElegantThemes team first presented it to the web society. Although Divi gets on in years don’t rush to call it outdated. Its revolutionary functionality along with continuous updates makes it a worthy adversary to the latest templates.

TemplateMonster’s brainchild Monstroid is much younger of its peer. It first saw the world in July 2015 and is constantly updating ever since. Over the year it has gained the support of more than 5000+ clients.

Both themes are extremely flexible and can be customized easily and without any troubles. Actually you can build anything you want upon them, as they are like a constructions set with lots of blocks you can combine the way you want. They have lots of features in common as well as certain differences. We picked off several aspects to compare these two giants. So now let’s take a closer look at what they have inside.

More about Monstroid More about Divi

Child Themes


Child themes are quite a successful solution used by many developers to provide web masters with wider choice options and give them more possibilities in customization. Monstroid is fitted out with 51 responsive child themes for more than 20+ business niches. You can choose any of them for your project or use Monstroid itself; anyway buying Monstroid you get access to all its existing and upcoming child themes.

Divi offers you 87 child themes for the price of one. According to the policy of ElegantThemes you are paying a fixed price per year and get access to all the existing templates. However it is worth mentioning that only 21 of them have responsive design.

Template Structure


Monstroid is built on Cherry Framework 4 and powered by Bootstrap. This is a solid foundation that guarantees easy installation process along with enhanced functionality. To facilitate the customization of the template the developers amplified the theme with MotoPress Drag-and-Drop Builder . The name speaks for itself. Now you can manage the visual elements without editing the code and see the result at once.

Divi doesn’t concede this issue. It is created around Divi Builder . Basically, it is in some kind similar to MotoPress editor, but with extensive possibilities. The elements are transformed into visual blocks which you can rearrange on the page without any limitations. Also each item features custom CSS tab, so that you can apply your own CSS code if you feel like that. All the changes you can observe on the fly without reloading the page.

Pre-built Layouts

Divi has 20 fully customizable pre-built layouts. Moreover you can create your own custom layouts and save them for the further use.

Monstroid comes with 7 homepage, 8 blog, 18 galleries and 9 portfolio layouts ready to use out of the box.

Skins and Color Schemes


Experimenting with skins and color schemes you can adjust your website to your corporate style and to personalize it the best way possible.

Skin switcher plugin in Monstroid is a premium tool, which allows you to switch between material, dark, flat and minimal skins within a click. Here you can also choose the most appropriate color palette from the wide range of available ones.

Divi is not that flexible in this question. You can use only default skins and colors suggested by the developers.

PSD Files

To include PSD files has become good courtesy already. It gives you more possibilities of customization, as all of them can be edited in Photoshop according to your needs.

Monstroid includes 100+ layered PSD files, unlike Divi, that provides such an option only in certain pricing package.

eCommerce Support


Those who are interested in launching an online store would definitely be interested to know whether these themes are eCommerce ready. With Monstroid you can choose among its fully functional eCommerce child themes. Divi also has child themes ready for WooCommerce integration, but they are quite expensive ones.

Multilingual Support


If you are planning to expand your business to international market it is better to choose multilingual theme.
Monstroid is WPML ready and supports RTL language direction. Divi is fully translated into 32 languages and supports RTL as well. Here not only front-end is translated, but also Divi Builder along with all comments and forms.

Audio and Video Integration

Both themes support audio and video integration, which allows making your website more dynamic. And smooth parallax scrolling creates the feeling of immersion and keeps your visitors engaged into the process.


Even if the template comes well-documented and you are not likely to have any problems with its installation or customization, you’d better enlist professional support. It is always better to be secure and not to trust to chance.

TemplateMonster provides free 24/7 lifetime support for all their premium products. Monstroid is not an exception. You can solve your problems via live chat, email or ticket system around the word, around the clock.

When you pay the year fee on ElegantThemes you get one year of professional support included into the bundled services. To prolong it you will have to pay the next year fee.


Now we come to the most intriguing part for our readers. So how much are you going to pay for all the features mentioned?

The price for Monstroid is $79 for a single site license and $99 for developer’s license, which gives you the right to use the template for up to 5 websites. This price includes all 51 child themes, lifetime updates and professional support day and night.

ElegantThemes have 3 possible plans, starting from $69 per year. This pricing package gives you access to the theme, but deprives you of certain services. The most popular and the most optimal pricing package, which gives you access to all services provided is going to cost you $89 per year. Or you can buy lifetime access paying only once $249.


So this is in short what Monstroid and Divi look like. For more information and closer inspection you can always visit the official websites.

View more about Monstroid View more about Divi

We are not going to advise you which theme to choose. They both are extremely feature-rich, flexible and can become your rock solid foundation for the future website. The goal of this article was just to clarify the strong and the wick points of each template and you are the only one to decide which of these two giants fits your needs the best way.

Abhishek Kumbhani

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  1. Nils
    October 21, 2016 at 6:59 pm

    I’ve compared many multipurpose WordPress Themes with the Divi Theme, but I’ve never heard about Monstroid before I read your article. Definitely worth a try for our next project. Thank you for the hint!

    • Abhishek
      October 21, 2016 at 8:58 pm

      @Nils I am glad you like the comparison. Monstroid have many more features than Divi.
      Thanks for visit.

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