5 Reasons that WordPress is Unshakeably Best Option

5 Reasons that WordPress is Unshakeably Best Option

It is an agreeable fact that WordPress has swept the board of web development with the plethora of themes and plug-ins that it offers. Some people often call it an economical alternative for designing state-of-the-art websites especially for small businesses or start-ups that have a limited budget for their business development.

Catering the needs of the modern web-oriented business world, WordPress leverages businesses to reach the global audiences with their unique brand identity. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows individual business owners to create an exceptional design even if they don’t have knowledge of coding and its structures.

Themes and Plug-ins make it Extendable

WordPress is basically an open-source Content Management System (more commonly referred as CMS) that serves as a wonderful publishing platform not only for blogging but also for creating attractive yet functional business websites and mobile applications. This versatile platform has gained popularity at an exponential rate and powered approximately 22.5% of existing websites on the internet. Its usage is as wide as its library. Be it blogs, magazines, business sites, celebrity sites, eCommerce sites, auction sites, review sites, wiki, forums, newsletter mailing systems etc – WordPress has transformed the way all these web components were accessed.

The new robust features of WordPress is often a reason that made it popular even among the most reputed brands such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, CNN, Sony, Time Magazine, eBay, and many other.

Let’s have an overview of the reasons behind increased popularity of WordPress:

1) Price-Free Tool:

It comes free as freedom. Be it downloading, installation, utilisation or modification, you don’t need to pay for it. It can be used for developing any sort of website irrespective of business size. Renowned as an open-source platform, WP can be used by anyone. Currently, WP contains 2600+ themes and 31000+ plug-ins that you can download, install and use without any subscription fee. All you need to invest in for operating WP is a domain and the web hosting services.

It is, primarily, community software maintained on the voluntarily basis. The majority of volunteers are WP consultants who contribute their part through patches edits, answers to the support queries, new plug-ins and themes, documentation updates and WordPress translations. This awesome community allows you to learn and grow simultaneously.

2) Easy-to-Learn and Use:

The reason why WordPress community is growing so fast is its easy usability. All you need to do is find a suitable theme for the type of business you have and select the plug-ins you want to integrate for enhancing user-experience. There are tons of websites where you can find articles about the usability of WP and its library functions in the most efficient manner. And, learning it is as easy as its use. More you will use it; more you will learn.

3) Themes and Plug-ins make it Extendable:

You don’t need to be a proficient web designer or programmer for using WordPress. Even the folks without any prior knowledge of website designing can work with WordPress as there are thousands of themes to select from so to give your website desired looks. You can get an ideal theme for just about every business.

WP allows easy customisation so that you can change colour, background, upload logo, design beautiful sliders and do a lot of other amazing stuff without writing any line of code. You can add some extra functionality to your design with the functionality-rich plug-ins.

4) Search Engine Friendly:

Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is coded using superior quality code that is compliant to standards and provides semantic mark-ups that make a particular website magnetising to the search engines. It is very SEO friendly by design and you can boot this factor even more with the use of SEO plug-in available in its library. However, you can get a website that is not just friendly by design, but by functionality as well.

5) Easily Manageable:

There is a built-in updater in WordPress that allows you to keep your plug-ins and themes updated within its admin dashboard. It also keeps you intimated about the release of newer versions of WordPress. All you need to do is click a button and get everything updated. There is an added advantage of keeping your WP content in a safe vault by opting for the automated regular backups.

Apart from five unmatched reasons mentioned above, the aspect of security and ability to handle multiple types of media files including images, videos, audio etc makes WordPress a truly lucrative option for website development, especially for small businesses. The advanced features of WP cater every need of big to small businesses while meeting the expectations of mobile generation for a fully functional website that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

If you want to experience the real power of WordPress, you should use it and all your doubts will be blown away with the outcome you will receive.

Kristy Bernales

Kristy Bernales is employed at Web Design Xperts, Melbourne. Her web designs possess true character that best reflects the brand’s perspective, turning her clients into fans of her creativity. Music is what keeps her creative sense awake.

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